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If you are planning to explore Chile’s Big North, then visiting Iquique, capital of the First Region, is a true must. Its extraordinary geographic location, together with temperatures averaging 18° C (64° F) throughout the year, make Iquique a perfect destination to rest and relax, where you can explore its many attractions regardless of the season. The city boasts astounding nature beauty and rich architecture, so get ready to discover them.

Where to start?

There is no better starting point than Arturo Prat Square, right in the center of the city. During the tour, you will be able to admire Iquique’s rich architecture and the iconic Clock Tower, which was declared a National Historic Landmark on July 13, 1987, becoming a symbol of Iquique.

Mention must be made of Baquedano Street. If you walk along this street you will come across many cafés and restaurants that will provide a perfect location for you to while away your afternoon.



Unmissable sights in Iquique



Try a City Tour in Iquique

If you are planning to visit Iquique only for a few days, you can take a City Tour. The city tours generally start by going down towards the shore and then continue to the historical quarter, where you can visit the Municipal Theater, the Regional Museum, and the architectural beauty of the Astoreca Palace.

Esmeralda Museum

A must in your tour. You will be able to admire the splendorous replica of the Esmeralda corvette, sunken during the War of the Pacific. Be dazzled by its huge cultural legacy and delve into Chilean history through a ship, where you can visit its staff quarters, engine room, and more.

Tax-free   zonea

Known as the Zofri, this tax-free zone is the best choice for you to buy electronics, computer products, perfumes, appliances, clothing, and much more, all free of taxes.

Cavancha Beach

Cavancha Beach is located in downtown Iquique and it has perfect conditions to practice outdoor and sport activities, such as surfing, water skiing, swimming, bike riding, photography, and son on.



Don’t forget!



If you enjoy exploring new places, consider visiting:

  • Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works

  • Mamiña hot springs

  • The natural swimming pool of Cocha Resbaladero in Pica

  • The colorful Tirana festival every July 16

  • The Casino in Iquique


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