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Arica, Chile’s northernmost city, brings together all the perfect elements of an ideal tourist destination for those who seek natural beauty, beautiful beaches, the dryness of the desert, magical Altiplano landscapes, and much more. Get ready to visit and enjoy the various attractions of Arica, including sea resorts and the rich historical and cultural heritage of stunning tourist spots. The also called Northern Gateway welcomes its visitors to an endless number of entertainment options centered on the sun: warm beaches and year-round splendid weather conditions, thus earning the name of city of eternal spring.



Unmissable sights in Arica



El Morro de Arica

This is, without a doubt, Arica’s most distinguishing feature. Surrender to its amazing topography and enjoy its unique panoramic sights of the entire city, port, and Pacific Ocean. This was the site of a crucial victory for the Chilean army during the War of the Pacific, vestiges of which still remain.

Surf, Windsurf y Kitesurf

Water sports are the true protagonists of Arica’s shore. Surfers from Australia, United States, Hawaii, France, and Brazil come to Arica to surf the dangerous, world-famous “El Gringo” wave, found in the former Alacrán Island, in front of the Morro de Arica.

Parinacota town

Parinacota, which has been declared a national monument, welcomes its visitors to its true treasure of colonial art: cobblestone streets and the singular beauty of its old buildings made of sun-dried earth and stone. Entering the Altiplano, Putre will introduce you to the Aymara culture and to the traditional shepherd’s life of this high plateau life of the Andes. You can't miss it!

Warm water & white sand

El Laucho and La Lisera are some of the astounding beaches available to tourists while in Arica. Get ready to enjoy wonderful days of sun at La Lisera, together with its palm trees, hills, and natural pools of warm waters, where you’ll be able to snorkel or swim. At El Laucho you can choose from the various pubs and clubs located along the coastline to while away your day, enjoying the typical local gastronomy and refreshing drinks.



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What else to do in Arica? Where to go?

Its walks and fairs, San Marcos cathedral, and the old train station.

Travel in time

Discover the geoglyphs and famous olives in the Azapa, Lluta, and Codpa valleys.

Get ready for adventure

Those who love mountain sports will be able to tour around the snow-covered volcano complex known as Payachatas, located in the Lauca National Park and the Surire salt flat.

Another destination is the Chungará Lake, which boasts beautiful and stunning landscapes that you can’t miss.


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