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  • Sale date: 23 th November to 24 th November, 2017.
  • Flight date:
    Buenos Aires: 24 de diciembre al 28 de febrero 2018.
    Rosario: 24 de diciembre al 27 de febrero 2018.
    Córdoba: 24 de diciembre al 6 de enero 2018.
    Mendoza: 24 de diciembre al 27 de febrero 2018.
  • Fares per person and per segment.
  • Rates described as “from” correspond to Light Fare, which includes random seat
    assignment, one piece of carry-on luggage of 35x25x55cm (only one piece of
    luggage), one handbag of 35x30x15cm and coat or jacket. It does not include
    checked luggage, but it can be added for a price under additional services. Does
    not include change of date or destination, but it can be added for an additional
  • Right to Refuse: Sales made through does not apply the
    right to retract established in Law No. 19,496, for purchases made through
    electronic ways or remote communication.
  • Total Availability: 6.527 Seats
  • Service Fee per passenger applies at SKY ticketing offices and Contact Center,
    and will be charged at the issuance of each ticket: $USD 20
  • Plus Fare allows for one change of date or destination, up to 3 hours before the
    flight departure, free of penalty, but rate differences may apply.
  • No Fare includes refund, but the passenger may request the refund of 100% of
    the boarding fees or taxes, depending on the legislation of each country.
  • Local Authorities demand a continuity ticket for each passenger who does not
    reside in Chile.